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The document‘s theme is “Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment”. It consists of 20 pages and has a total of 20 questions. It was crafted so the office of the Synod can use it to prepare for the event. The end result will be the creation of the Instrumentum Laboris, or a working document, to be used for the meeting. Pope Francis has reached out to the youth for next round of consultations in the Catholic Church. He wants their direct input for the impending meeting of the world’s bishops. The meeting is to be held on the problems faced by Catholics and the issue of their faith. The reach out is in the form of a questionnaire.

Pope Francis has also sent out a separate public letter. It was addressed to the youth, where it asked them to read the document and think of it as a kind of “compass” to the path towards the synod.

Pope Francis has also sent out a separate public letter. It was addressed to the youth, where it asked them to read the document and think of it as a kind of “compass” to the path towards the synod. The Vatican has issued a document to prepare for the meeting, bearing the formal name of the synod of bishops. It has intentionally taken an attentive and open tone. The religious authority has focused not on how to preach to young people or teach them, but on the method of listening to their requirements and comprehending the changes brought on by the digital era to their lives. Indeed, the first question written says a lot, with it asking the manner of how the church have listened to the situations faced by young people.


Anyway, that is my little easy tip for you. I just call up my Popsicle stick cup, it’s not fancy. It can be a coffee mug, it can be a paper cup, or it could be a tin, I think I got this one at our favorite Target. Just grab some colorful Popsicle sticks, start writing student names on there, and that’s an easy way to keep them engaged. They know that you’re going to be asking them something about the lesson, so they have to pay attention, and it makes it a little bit more fun whenever they can help one another. You just pause here and there throughout your lesson to check for understanding.

I also grabbed several other items from that blasted Dollar Spot to use as prizes. You do NOT have to buy things for your classroom store by the way. You can always solicit parents for gently used toys.

Garage sales are another wonderful place to grab some great trinkets at a cheap price. Even Happy Meal toys or large stuffed animals are perfect!

Personally for me, I like to do a combination of both prizes and reward slips, says: “All students will want something different – and having those options makes them earn what they feel is the best for them! Set up your organizer with the good stuff and I even grabbed a couple small backpacks for a few bucks each in the Dollar Spot and zip tied them to the rings at the bottom to hold any additional prizes to fill the organizer back up after students have shopped on Friday..”

I imagine by now most of you have at least heard of interactive response systems? For me, I know we have used them in the past in conjunction with our interactive whiteboards. They are little remotes that each child received and you could do a quick quiz on the interactive whiteboard and allow the students to answer. From that information, you were able to drive your instruction accordingly. It is wonderful for preassessment, middle of the lesson, or even a post-assessment review. The data is nice because you can break it down by question.

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